De l’internet et de la lessive

« The cost of delivering content over the Internet may determine which Internet products and services succeed in coming years.

Some venture capitalists at the cutting edge of Internet innovation say they will shun startups requiring fast connections for video, audio, or other services, mindful that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission may let ISPs charge extra fees to major content providers. (…) Netflix recently agreed to pay big ISPs like Comcast interconnection fees to ensure a high quality of service, but Netflix CEO Reed Hastings then wrote in a blog post that the United States needs a strict form of net neutrality, with no such tolls, because users who are already paying high prices for fast service should be able to get what content they want. »



Ghost Group

Marijuana and the next big gold rush:

According to Justin Hartfield,  »cannabis prohibition is a social, political, economic and public health disaster. » In a nutshell, Ghost Group‘ co-founder Justin Hartfield wants to turn the website (that he owns) into the Amazon of marijuana and create profits from any kind of entrepreneurial opportunities:  »growing, testing, edibles, tinctures, cosmeceuticals, hospitality, nutraceuticals, entertainment, public events, accessoires, fashion and more. » In an article posted last month, the Wall Street Journal introduced him as the Philip Morris of pot… Sounds like a couple of smart entrepreneurs are turning with success the globally illegal market of marijuana into a legal industry.
Check out the  »Before Investing in the legal marijuana industry » paper and you’ll get all of it. The Ghost Group is not an exception, I could have tell you about The Arcview Group based in San Francisco, founded by Steve Deangelo, or Surna based in Boulder and founded by Tom Bollich.
I’m kind of curious to see who are the smart guys who will take over the marijuana market in New-York. Justin Hartfield says it will be done before 2016.

From wikipedia
 »Ghost Group is a venture capital firm based in Newport Beach, California. It focuses on developing consumer and enterprise businesses in the legal marijuana industry. Founded in 2012. »

 »Ghost Group is an operating company focused on the emerging marijuana sector. Ghost Group wholly owns and manages the largest and most recognized marijuana websites in existence, including & We’ve been active in the medical marijuana industry since 2007. »

Founders: Justin Hartfield, Doug Francis.
More info: White Papers, Emerald Ocean Capital.