Alcor Life Extension Foundation & The Church of Perpetual Life

« Aging and Death are optional. »


William Faloon, fondateur du groupe Alcor Life Extension Foundation et de la Church of Perpetual Life

« William Faloon compiled the 1500 page medical reference book Disease Prevention and Treatment and is Director and Cofounder of the Life Extension Foundation. The Life Extension Foundation is a nonprofit organization, whose long-range goal is the radical extension of the healthy human lifespan. (…) When the FDA conducted its first armed raid in 1987, the Life Extension Foundation had only 4,000 members. Thanks to publicity generated by the FDA’s actions, this number grew to 25,000 members by the time his criminal indictments were dismissed in 1995. LEF now has over 100,000 members (…) »


Il ne ressemble pas un peu a un vampire celui qui parle au nom de la Church of Perpetual Life ?


Tiré du site de la Church of Perpetual Life:

« Nikolai Fedorovich Fedorov (1828-1903), one of Russia’s most original thinkers, lived at a time of intense intellectual controversies, artistic creativity and scientific ‘take-off’ in Russia. Yet it was also a time of growing worldwide militarism when increasingly lethal weapons were being developed, of civic strife, of labor unrest in the rapidly industrializing countries of the West, and of revolutionary rumblings in Russia.

Fedorov was deeply distressed by this state of discord and lack of brotherly feeling, which was bringing so much misery to the common people. How could brotherhood be achieved? Would it be possible to divert human energies from wars and dissension towards measures for protecting mankind against natural disasters such as floods, droughts, earthquakes and hurricanes, and to transform nature from ‘a temporary enemy into an eternal friend’?

Fedorov believed that if the causes of disunity, discord and war were elucidated and a common purpose found to divert human energies away from dissensions towards a common goal of overwhelming importance to all human beings, it would fire their imaginations, enlist all their energies and bring about universal cooperation. This goal, of concern to all, was nothing less than to rationalize the blind forces of nature ‘which bring famine, disease and death’. Since death is a natural phenomenon it, too, could and should be overcome by ‘knowledge and action’. »

Aubrey de Grey, Aging Intervention at Perpetual Life Church.


Life Extension
Church of Perpetual Life

Institutes challenging aging process during the last 50 years

Institutes challenging aging process during the last 50 years,
a brief archeology (in process):

1970 – Denham Harman –> American Aging Association
1976 – Joel Kurtzman, P.Gordon –> No more dying
1980 – Saul Kent –> The Life Extension
1982 – Durk Pearson, S.Shaw –> Life Extension as practical scientific approach
2003 – Doubleday –> The Immortal Cell
2004 – Nick Bolstrom, J.Hughes –> Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
2005 – Nick Bolstrom –> Future of Humanity Institute
2006 – Mormon Transhumanist Association
2007 – Aubrey de Grey, D.Gobel –> SENS Research Foundation, Methuselah Foundation –> Ending Aging
2008 – Ray Kurtzweill, P.Diamandis –> Singularity University
2013 – Arthur Levinson –> Calico (Google) –> Ending Aging