Dvorsky’s Crucials

On his blog Sentient Development, George Dvorsky do lists. Here are the first ten of twenty terms that ‘every 21st century futurist should know’:

1- co-veillance (panopticon)
2- multiplex parenting
3- technological unemployment
4- substrate autonomous person
5- intelligence explosion
6- longevity dividend
7- repressive desublimation (spectacle)
8- intelligence amplification
9- effective altruism
10- moral enhancement

Here, 10 mindblowingly futuristic technologies:

1- Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistants (life extension)
Computers Everywhere (machine thinking)
Virtual Animals with Digital Minds (artificial intelligence)
Geoengineering Projects (environmental issues)
Interplanetary Internet (colonizing mars)
True Anti-Aging Intervention (senescence, apoptosis, stem cell)
Robots with a License to Kill (drones)
Grown Organs Laboratories (3d printers)
Personal Fabricators in Every Home (3d printers)
World’s Thirst (water politics and desalination)

I found out about George Dvorsky’s work by looking for scientific researchs on defeating aging. Dvorsky is Chair of the Board for the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies wich works with Humanity+. In a recent post, he introduces briefly Max Tegmark’s perceptronium studies. I will probably come back later on this topic. The time to read the article: 1401.1219v2



« Studies have consistently shown that lifestyle factors have little to do with their remarkable longevity; something’s clearly going on at the genetic level. »

In the affiliation of Aubrey de Grey’s researchs on defeating aging, this article written by George Dvorsky and inspired by Andy Coghlan’s article (Somatic mutations found in the healthy blood compartment of a 115-yr-old woman demonstrate oligoclonal hematopoiesis) highlines the link between blood and stem cells in the aging process:

« This is all quite exciting because it hints at a very plausible rejuvenation therapy. Conceivably, we could re-inject ourselves with stem cells saved from birth or early life — stem cells free from mutations and with full-length telomeres. Now, this wouldn’t halt the aging process, but it could have a dramatic impact on our health and the rate at which we age. Hmmm, this recent breakthrough suddenly seems all that more pertinent. »


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